We are crowdsourced staffed (95 positions) with a scalable on demand workforce assigned from our agencies we work with under a T.O.C.A. framework (T.O.C.A.: Tech, Operations, Client, Audit).  Our accreditation comes from the BPOs (education agencies) that we partner with.  (BPO: Business Process Outsourcing)

Team members are dynamically allocated to specific tasks under the TOCA framework.  Some can operate for 5 minutes while others operate for hours.   

A dynamically allocated set of assignments that are crowdsourced are worked on by remote freelance agents managed by Enterprise College through a the specifically designed T.O.C.A. framework that we use. 

T = Technology (connection via internet, VPN, portals)

O = Operations (scheduling in different time zones)

C = Client Relations (marketing, sales, engagement)

A = Audit (contract, payments, legal compliance)

Our reach is lined up with B2B2C for global reach

The middle B is a BPO

BPO = Business Process Outsourcing (global agency)

Our staff is a crowdsourced scalable on-demand workforce assigned by the BPO under the TOCA framework.

We use a BPO that uses the TOCA framework.

Dr. David K. Ewen

Dr. David K. Ewen stands as a highly esteemed professor and the visionary behind Enterprise College, a revered institution in the realm of education. With an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise, Dr. Ewen has emerged as a leading global authority in EdTech, shaping its landscape. His influence extends worldwide, demonstrated by his history of collaborations with EdTech companies spanning continents. From Asia to the Middle East, Europe to Russia, South America to the UK, and even Australia, Dr. Ewen's partnerships have spanned every corner of the globe. His remarkable ability to navigate diverse educational systems and cultural intricacies has made him a sought-after consultant and collaborator within the international EdTech community. Through his contributions, he has not only enriched educational practices in these regions but has also fostered innovative teaching and learning approaches. Dr. Ewen's unwavering commitment to advancing educational excellence is truly extraordinary, leaving an enduring impact felt across the globe.